Five Prospective Work From Home Positions

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Five Prospective Work From Home Positions

Currently, there is an incredible window of opportunity to start working from home. Many positions simply require that you have a computer and decent internet connection. While there’s never a good time to become temporarily unemployed, it’s important to stay focused on your financial responsibilities. Central Federal is looking out for you by providing five prospective work from home positions to be considered.

Become a Professional Writer

The possibilities are almost endless when you decide to become a writer. There are freelance positions where you may be contracted to provide blog posts, copywriting positions where you might help someone with their website copy, or you can start your very own book. Remember that an important aspect of the job is researching the facts on any subject that you’ll be writing about.

Learn to Make a Sales Pitch

If you’re the type of person with a lot of spunk and charisma, then a position in sales is the right work from home opportunity for you. Specifically, try your hand at telemarketing. While there are unfortunate negative associations linked to telemarketers, think about how your personality will positively influence each call you make. All you need to do is maintain an upbeat attitude and stick to the script provided by your employer.

Join the Ranks of Customer Service

Maybe you have the optimistic outlook that telemarketers need, but the thought of making cold calls makes you anxious. What if your customers called you instead? Customer service representatives field calls throughout their weeks about issues, complaints, or even praises from happy or unhappy customers. After brushing up on the policies your employer has in place for these types of calls, unleash your shining personality on those who require someone to listen to them.

Teach an Online Course

Did you know that there are plenty of opportunities for teaching online? Schools across the nation are looking for professors or adjuncts who can assist their students who are learning from home. It’s also possible to teach without a degree – by sharing a skill that you have mastered. Are you an artist with a paintbrush or wooden spoon? Start a class via social media and show everyone how it’s done!

Organize for a Living 

Even though it will take time for events to return, employers still need planners! That’s why virtually every office has people working in administration. Enjoy managing schedules, writing emails, and updating spreadsheets? There’s a job out there for you as an administrator, assistant, coordinator, or many other opportunities.

Finding Jobs Online

Multiple resources are available online for those who are seeking employment. Intuitive websites including,, and are perfect places to start. Try searching keywords like “work from home” and “writing” in order to filter your results. This will help the entire process feel much less daunting in the beginning.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Whenever you find the right fit for you, don’t forget to set up direct deposit to your checking or savings accounts. Don’t have either? Central Federal offers safe, secure, and convenient accounts to fit all of your financial needs. We also offer online banking so that you can check your balance and pay bills all from home, too! To schedule an appointment today, call us at 573-364-1024.