7 Safety Tips for Using Credit and Debit Cards

credit and debit cards

7 Safety Tips for Using Credit and Debit Cards

Millions of Americans are using their earnings to make purchases on goods and services each day. While our spending habits continue to grow our nation’s economy, they can also put us at risk for identity theft and fraud. That’s why it’s time to get prepared! Central Federal is here to provide you with 7 safety tips for using your credit and debit cards. Continue reading to find out more information!

Don’t Flaunt Your Cards

How can someone gain access to your cards, you ask? They need to know the account numbers on the front and back. Like in a game of poker, you never want to show your hand. Instead of setting a card down on the table, hand it directly to the cashier or insert it inside a folio. All it takes is for one person to walk by the table – glancing in your direction.

Only Carry What’s Necessary

With an abundance of offers available, about 7 in 10 Americans have at least one credit card. In fact, people often open multiple cards so it’s important to prioritize which card you are carrying and when. The more you carry on your person, the more likely you are to lose one. Find a spot at home to securely hide the rest.

Avoid Generic ATMs

Not every ATM you find on the street is going to be legitimate. Consider the fact that eBay actually sells new and used ATMs online. With access to a power source, these machines can be dropped off at any location where unsuspecting people may be desperate for cash. Stick to the brands you recognize when it comes to punching in your PIN number.

Pay Attention When Shopping Online

Four words – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Better recognized in front of a URL as “https,” this internet communication protocol provides users with encryption, data integrity, and authentication. Check the link of the website you’re browsing whenever you intend to make a purchase with a card. Also, avoid saving your information to the computer.

Monitor Monthly Statements

In order to keep track of your spending, keep an eye out for statements in the mail or online. These give you an opportunity to double-check for any mistakes or errors. If you do find a purchase that was not made by you, call it in immediately.

Download Mobile Banking Apps

Speaking of ways to monitor your purchases, download the mobile apps from your bank or credit card providers. Having access to accounts on your phone will save you from the headaches of needing a computer to log in. When using the app, stay on your cell phone network’s secure data or on trusted sources of Wi-Fi.

Open a Secure Account

These safety tips are just the beginning when it comes to protecting your information. Our friendly staff is more than happy to speak with you about any additional concerns you may have. Visit Central Federal in Rolla, Missouri or call us at (573) 364-1024 to find out more about our safe, secure, and convenient account options.