14 Ways You Can Save Money as a Pet Owner

dog owners save money

14 Ways You Can Save Money as a Pet Owner

The love and companionship that our pets give us is priceless, but as a pet owner, you know they can be quite expensive. Between providing them with food, toys, and other necessities to visits with the vet, our beloved dogs and cats can cost us a pretty penny. But here’s a secret: owning a pet doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out these 14 smart ways you can save money as a pet owner!

Invest in Pet Insurance Early On

You take care to insure your home, automobile, and health – why not your furry friends as well? You may not think about it while your pet is young and healthy, but as time passes, he will experience health issues here and there, which can result in hefty medical bills. Take the time now to shop around for pet insurance and choose the best option for you. Also, pre-existing conditions are not covered, so the sooner you choose a plan, the better!

Create a Pet Budget

Budgets work wonders in helping you keep track of your monthly spending. Watch how much you spend on your pet and make an allotted budget. Along with creating a solid budget, it’s a wise idea to start saving a little bit of money here and there in the event of an emergency.

Buy Food and Supplies in Bulk

Keep a sharp eye out for sales on pet food and supplies. When they’re discounted, stock up! Remember to store the food in a dry, sealed container to keep it fresh for a longer time as well.

Be Proactive

Don’t miss out on annual vaccinations, monthly heartworm pills, and regular trips to the vet. These preventative measures will keep your pet healthy and will save you money in the long run. Additionally, learn your pet’s behaviors and pay attention to her every day. If she begins acting differently, you could possibly catch an issue before it becomes more serious and difficult to treat.

Find a Vet Before You Need One

Speaking of being proactive, it’s a smart and cost-effective move to shop around for a vet. Call their offices or check out their websites to find out their pricing and hours. This will help you save money in the event of your pet experiencing an emergency and needing immediate medical attention.

Keep Them at a Healthy Weight

Much like their humans, overweight pets often wind up encountering more health problems than those whose weight is under control. Keep them trim and healthy by feeding them the suggested serving size of food based on their weight. This will help increase their quality of life and keep your vet bills down over time.

Have Them Spayed or Neutered

It may cost a little bit up front, but spaying or neutering your pet will help you save money in the future. One pet is expensive enough – imagine needing to care for seven additional animals.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Here’s a startling statistic: approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized in the United States every year. When you adopt a pet from the shelter, you’re saving a life. You’re also spending much less than you would if you were to adopt from a breeder. If you still have your heart set on a particular breed, don’t worry – you can find rescues that work exclusively with one breed!

Exercise Them Frequently

Getting outside, taking a walk, or enjoying a fun-filled play session can keep your wallet fat in many ways. Physically active pets are much less destructive, meaning you won’t need to worry about replacing expensive, chewed-up furniture or clothing. Additionally, when you make exercise a priority for your furry friend, you are helping stave off weight and health issues, which can become costly to treat down the road.

Join a Rewards Program

Several pet supply stores offer loyalty clubs and rewards programs for their customers for free. Sign up at the stores you frequent to take advantage of these deals and save some extra cash.

Groom Them at Home

Of course, keeping your pet clean and trimmed is important, but taking them to the groomer can be quite costly. Save by bathing and brushing them at home, if at all possible. Learn how to clip their nails yourself as well. There are several dog grooming tutorials on YouTube that you can learn from!

Keep Up to Date with Vaccines

One of the best ways to keep yourself from paying massive medical bills is to keep current with your pet’s vaccinations. Take care to also protect them from heartworm, fleas, and other parasites that can harm them. It’s much cheaper to take action now than try to fix pricey issues later on!

Take Care of Their Teeth

It might not be your furry friend’s favorite thing, but taking the time to brush their teeth can help prevent gum disease and maintain good dental hygiene. After all, poor dental health often leads to tooth loss and infections that can spread to vital organs in the future. Use a pet-specific toothbrush and toothpaste every day to help get the job done right.

Train Them Yourself

Basic training is important to keep your pet safe, but it can be quite costly. Instead, read a few obedience books and watch a few videos online to help you train your dog or cat. Of course, if you’re new to training or have a pet with strong instincts, you may benefit from attending a basic obedience group class.

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